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Set Alert for Fungicides

EU legal view opens way for firms to challenge candidate ai list

Companies should be given the right to challenge the inclusion of active ingredients in a list of candidates for substitution, says Melchior Wathelet, Advocate General at the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
EU European Commission

Amvac acquires Syngenta agchems in Mexico

US agrochemical company American Vanguard’s wholly owned subsidiary, Amvac Mexico, has acquired selective herbicides and contact fungicides sold in Mexico from Syngenta.
Mexico Fungicides

BASF seeks NAFTA approvals for Revysol

BASF has submitted its registration dossier for the fungicide, mefentrifluconazole (trade-marked as Revysol), to the regulatory authorities in the US, Canada and Mexico. 
Fungicides NAFTA

BASF debuts Versatilis in Brazil

BASF has launched the fungicide, Versatilis (fenpropimorph), in Brazil.
Fungicides Brazil

EU sets phase out dates for picoxystrobin

EU member states have until November 30th to withdraw approvals of products containing the fungicide, picoxystrobin, but may allow a grace period of up to a further year to use up existing stocks.
EU Fungicides

AgroFresh debuts foggable fungicide system

The US pre- and post-harvest agrochemical specialist, AgroFresh Solutions (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), has introduced a foggable fungicide delivery system, ActiMist. 
Fungicides United States
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Set Alert for Insecticides

EU Commission plans end to outdoor uses of bifenthrin

The European Commission has drafted proposals to ban outdoor agrochemical uses of the insecticide/acaricide, bifenthrin, and to restrict its use to permanent greenhouses. 
EU European Commission

New acephate sales procedures in Brazil

Growers and agrochemical suppliers in Brazil have to follow new procedures for the commercialisation of acephate insecticide.
Brazil Insecticides

Adama gets Brazil use extension on insecticide

Adama Agricultural Solutions has been granted a use extension in Brazil for its insecticide, Voraz (methomyl + novaluron).

Brazil Insecticides

Irish approval for Dow's sulfoxaflor products

Dow AgroSciences (now part of DowDuPont) has received Irish approval for its sulfoxaflor (trade-marked as Isoclast)-based insecticides, Closer and Transform.
Insecticides Ireland

US EPA seeks to dismiss chlorpyrifos challenge

The US EPA says that a federal court should reject a lawsuit challenging its decision not to ban the organophosphate insecticide, chlorpyrifos, arguing that the plaintiffs have filed their complaint too soon.
United States EPA

Two new ai names from ISO

The ISO Technical Committee on Common Names for Pesticides has provisionally approved two new active ingredient names. 
Insecticides Dow AgroSciences
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Herbicides & PGRs

Set Alert for Herbicides and PGRs

Canada to OK ISK’s tolpyralate

The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has proposed the registration of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha’s (ISK) herbicide, Tolypyralate 400SC (tolpyralate 400 g/litre), for use on maize, sweetcorn and popcorn.

Herbicides & PGRs Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha

Brazil cuts import duty on herbicide intermediate

The Brazilian foreign trade chamber, the Camex, has temporarily cut import taxes on the herbicide intermediate, monoisopropylamine.
Brazil Herbicides & PGRs

Dow to debut Enlist One herbicide in US

Dow AgroSciences (part of DowDuPont) is to introduce the herbicide, Enlist One (2,4-D choline), for use on genetically modified herbicide-tolerant Enlist maize, soybeans and cotton in the US in 2018. 
Herbicides & PGRs Dow AgroSciences

Farm Hannong gets Malaysian OK for metamifop

South Korean chemical company LG Chem’s agrochemical subsidiary, Farm Hannong, has received Malaysian registration for its herbicide, Pyzero (metamifop 10%).
Malaysia Herbicides & PGRs

BASF to debut Zidua SC in Canada

BASF is to introduce the herbicide, Zidua SC (Kumiai Chemical’s pyroxasulfone), for use on maize and soybeans in Canada for the 2018 season following its recent registration. 
Herbicides & PGRs Canada

EU renewal for imazamox as substitution candidate

The EU approval of the herbicide, imazamox, has been formally renewed, designating the active ingredient as a candidate for substitution.
EU Herbicides & PGRs
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Seed treatments

Set Alert for Seed Treatments

Monsanto debuts NemaStrike in US

Monsanto has launched its nematicidal seed treatment, NemaStrike (tioxazafen 541 g/litre), in the US for the 2018 planting season. 
Seed treatments Monsanto

Nufarm launches seed treatment platform in Brazil

Nufarm has launched its seed treatment platform in Brazil, SeedProtection.

Brazil Nufarm

Canada to OK Monsanto’s tioxazafen

The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has proposed the approval of Monsanto’s nematicidal seed treatment, MON 102133 SC (tioxazafen), for use on maize and soybeans.

Seed treatments Biologicals

Brazil approves Syngenta's Cruiser 600 FS

Brazil has approved Syngenta’s insecticidal seed treatment, Cruiser 600 FS (thiamethoxam).

Insecticides Seed treatments

Bayer to debut Poncho Energy in Brazil

Bayer’s Crop Science division is to launch the insecticidal seed treatment, Poncho Energy (clothianidin + fipronil), in Brazil this year.

Seed treatments Insecticides

Syngenta Plenaris in Argentina - clarification

Syngenta has not yet launched its fungicidal seed treatment, Plenaris (DuPont’s oxathiapiprolin), in Argentina.
South America Argentina
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Set Alert for Biologicals

Australia OKs Novozymes BioAg’s Actinovate

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has approved Novozymes BioAg’s biofungicide, Actinovate (Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEC108), for use as a foliar or soil drench or seed treatment in agriculture, horticulture, greenhouse, nursery and turf applications. 
Biologicals Australia

US EPA to OK mosquito biopesticide

The US EPA proposes to approve US company MosquitoMate’s (Lexington, Kentucky) mosquito biocontrol product, ZAP Males (Wolbachia pipientis ZAP strain). 
Biologicals United States

TechAccel funds RNAi-based biopesticide development

The US agricultural technology development investment company, TechAccel (Kansas City, Missouri), has awarded $60,000 to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (St Louis, Missouri) to further the development of a sprayable RNAi-based biopesticide for the control of diamondback moths (Plutella xylostella). 
Deals Biologicals

Australia to OK BASF bioinsecticide

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has proposed the approval of BASF’s bioinsecticide/acaricide, Broadband OD (Beauveria bassiana strain PPRI 5339), for use in protected horticulture. B bassiana strain PPRI 5339 would be a new active ingredient in Australia.

Biologicals Australia

Italy OKs Biogard bionematicide

European biocontrols company CBC Europe’s Italian affiliate, Biogard, has been granted Italian approval for a garlic extract bionematicide, Nemgard.


Brazil OKs Syngenta's Clariva bionematicide

Brazil has granted Syngenta sale and use approval of its bionematicide, Clariva PN (Pasteuria nishizawae).

Brazil Syngenta
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Input Traits

Set Alert for Input Traits

EU Commission free to OK two GM soybean lines

The European Commission is free to sign off proposed approvals for the import of two genetically modified herbicide-tolerant soybean lines, after EU member states failed for the second time to return a qualified majority vote on the proposals.
EU European Commission

MEPs back call to block Enlist soybeans

There should be no EU approval for imports of Dow AgroSciences’ (part of DowDuPont) genetically modified herbicide-tolerant Enlist (DAS68416) soybeans, says the European Parliament.
EU European Commission

Bayer readies Balance GT soybeans in US

Bayer’s Crop Science division and US biotechnology company M S Technologies (West Point, Iowa) have developed six genetically modified herbicide-tolerant Balance GT (FG72) soybean varieties for the US market. 
Input Traits Bayer CropScience

Mycogen lines up 35 Enlist maize hybrids in US

Dow AgroSciences seed business Mycogen Seeds plans to offer 35 genetically modified herbicide-tolerant Enlist maize (DAS40278) hybrids in the US for the 2018 planting season. 
Input Traits Dow AgroSciences

Monsanto targets GM soybean expansion in US

Monsanto expects plantings of its genetically modified herbicide-tolerant Roundup Ready 2 Xtend (MON88708xMON89788) soybeans to account for about half of the US soybean area in 2018. 
Monsanto Operations

Syngenta seeks Australian OK for GM cotton

Syngenta (owned by ChemChina) has applied to the Australian Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) to commercialise genetically modified insect-resistant COT102 cotton.

Input Traits Syngenta
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Output Traits

Set Alert for Output Traits

Verdeca gains US FDA OK for HB4 soybeans

The Verdeca joint venture between US agricultural biotechnology company Arcadia Biosciences (Davis, California) and Argentine soybean development consortium Bioceres (Rosario) has received notification from the US Food and Drug Administration that it has completed a full review of the company’s safety evaluation for its genetically modified stress-tolerant HB4 soybeans. 
United States FDA

Canada OKs Innate II potatoes

US agribusiness company J R Simplot has received approval from Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for its second-generation genetically modified Innate potatoes. 
Canada CFIA

EFSA clears new DNA data on two GM soybeans

New DNA sequencing information on two genetically modified herbicide-tolerant soybean lines, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready and DuPont’s Optimum GAT (305423), does not change their previous positive EU safety assessments, says the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
EU European Commission

Turkey OKs GMOs for use in feed

Turkey has approved three genetically modified soybean lines and one maize line for use in feed.

Turkey Input Traits

Australasia to OK Golden Rice imports

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has proposed the approval of imports of the genetically modified rice line, GR2E (also referred to as Golden Rice).

Australia New Zealand

EFSA guide on gene transfer assessments

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued an explanatory note for applicants on how to assess the horizontal gene transfer from genetically modified plants to micro-organisms.

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